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Creating a new concept engine takes time. The development of the 'Pivotal' design started with the construction of a single chamber 264cc engine. This engine responded well running up to 7,000rpm. This was followed by a 400cc twin chamber motorcycle engine. This engine ran up to 11,500rpm and drove the motorcycle to speeds exceeding 160kph.
Development was then focused on the 500cc single chamber module which formed the basis for the one litre twin chamber demonstration engine.

Pivotal Engineering is pursuing further development with 'direct to chamber' fuel delivery, combustion control, performance improvements, component design and materials investigations. The 'Pivotal' engine is suited to operating on alternative fuels and we are confident that the 'Pivotal' design will make a compact, high power diesel engine. The absence of mechanical noise makes it particularly suited for use in power co-generation and other auxiliary engine and military applications. We have developed a dedicated 'Pivotal' engine simulation tool and this allows us to more accurately predict the performance of a prototype engine.

:: Direct Injected 1100cc Twin Chamber Pivotal Engine

We have developed this 1100cc Pivotal engine to evaluate the suitability of direct injection in applications such as light aircraft, Personal water craft and outboard boat engines. This engine is currently undergoing durability testing and detail improvements before further optimization of the Orbital DI system. Fuel consumption and emissions output will be posted on this site as soon as it is available. For this exercise we used the crankshaft and crankcase of the twin cylinder 951cc Rotax engine. It is well engineered and equipped with an integrated air compressor unit which is required to operate the Orbital Direct Fuel Delivery System which we chose for this engine.

Pivotal Engine
Pivotal Engine

The performance of this engine is still far from it's potential and we expect power output to exceed 90kW @ 6,500 rpm. This provides a good starting point for the development of a compact automotive power unit. Perhaps a 4.4 litre V8 delivering a useful 360kW.

:: Oshkosh Airventure Expo in Wisconsin

The 1100cc Direct Injected twin chamber Pivotal engine will be on display at the Oshkosh Airventure Exposition 23-29th July 02. The booth No. is 2078 in hanger B. The purpose of this display is to test the end user interest in the advantages of the Pivotal engine for light aircraft applications. The engine will be set up into light aircraft mode fitted with a 'Sub4' reduction box and an Airmaster variable pitch propeller.

:: Paper from the Hydrogen Conference Washington DC - 30th March 2005

(Author Paul A. McLachlan)

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Automotive Engineering International Innovation Award - 20th May 2005
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:: Presentation to the Californian Hydrogen Business Council - 27th April 2007.
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- "The Pivotal Hydrogen Engine, The Catalyst to The Hydrogen Economy" - click to download this PDF file. (78kb)

:: Pivotal Hydrogen/CNG engine Development - 12th February 2009
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