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The Pivotal Hydrogen Engine

There is a growing awareness of the catastrophic environmental and life style cost of ignoring climate change issues. It is a global issue creating the need to develop new power systems and vehicles that do not release harmful emissions. Hydrogen is recognized as the cleanest and most sustainable fuel option for the long-term survival of our lifestyle on this planet. It is the only CO2 / green house gas emission free fuel available.

The world cannot ignore the hydrogen fuel option. Read the hydrogen economy report from George Crabtree / Argonne Laboratory:

What makes the water-cooled pivotal piston technology essential for hydrogen powered mobility?
The water-cooled pivotal piston engine offers the most compact and viable design for harnessing hydrogen combustion for mobility power.

The potential output of the high power density Pivotal hydrogen engine will reduce engine size to less than 40% of the size and weight of the conventional engine converted to hydrogen. The compact opposed four-chamber, Pivotal hydrogen engine is expected to deliver the same power as the V12 BMW engine that has been converted to run on hydrogen.

Unlike conventional engines that have been converted to burn hydrogen The Pivotal engine with its water-cooled piston has a fully controlled, (thermally smooth) combustion chamber surface. This allows for a rich and more thermally efficient hydrogen/air ratio to be employed without suffering from pre-ignition. With full control over the ignition timing it becomes possible to make full use of the extremely fast combustion of a stoichiometric hydrogen ratio. The pivotal engine optimized for hydrogen fuel on a direct to chamber fuel delivery system can provide a power density that far exceeds the current level of gasoline automotive engine.

Even when hydrogen is compressed into a storage tank @ 7,000 psi it is still a bulky fuel, and so to get performance, utility and range from a vehicle, the power density of the powertrain will be extremely important.

This is a key technology to establish the hydrogen transportation era and reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles.

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